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Private Branding Or Our Flagship Brand Rosy

Through the SalonRunner Value Added Reseller (VAR) program, SalonRunner can be privately branded or let Rosy become a part of your offerings and create a recurring revenue stream for your business.


SalonRunner is the salon industry’s next generation platform, providing tomorrow’s Salon 3.0 functionality today. Its proven cloud foundation comes from Floydware’s SalonRunner platform and flagship brand Rosy Salon Software—a comprehensive suite of salon scheduling and business tools that provide unmatched online features and functions. View the feature-rich Rosy brand at:


To the left is a quick overview video of what the platform has to offer.

Value Added Reseller

SalonRunner's Value Added Reseller (VAR) program is a branded turnkey partnership for manufacturers, distributors and consultants who serve the professional beauty industry. SalonRunner can be privately branded to become a part of your offerings.


SalonRunner is a scheduling, point of sale, inventory management, employee management, client relations management, and marketing platform specifically designed for hair salons and spas. It was built from the ground up as a multi-tenant web application and was the first product to leverage cloud technology specifically to this market. The technology offers a host of advantages: scalability, low cost, dynamic interactive features, and centralized data collected in real time at the point of sale and scheduling.


It is this real-time centralized data that allows SalonRunner to be the ideal platform for the VAR program. The product will have the full set of SalonRunner features under the VAR’s own private branding.


When coupled with SalonInteractive, the VAR will have the ability to push contextual information throughout the entire supply chain. Distributors, salon owners, salon staff, and salon clients will all receive role-appropriate data at the moment of need. Marketing data will be pushed back up the supply chain to provide invaluable information to the manufacturer or distributor. Branding will be unique and personalized to each VAR.


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